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While earning my business degree at the University of Cincinnati, I discovered my passion for marketing. This led me to a career in real estate. I quickly discovered being a Realtor is what I'm meant to do. Finding a house that meets your needs and that can feel like home requires a patient, attentive and understanding Realtor guiding you. I am blessed to serve as that person for all of my clients. With my passion for protecting my client's best interests and my strong and creative negotiating skills, you are guaranteed to find a home that you love at a price that is fair with terms that protect your investment.

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Real Estate Terms for Beginners

While purchasing or selling a home, you'll likely hear terms that you've never heard before. I'm always happy to explain these terms to my clients but I have learned that not everyone is comfortable

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The Basics

"I WANT TO BUY A HOME BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START."Trust me, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, the home buying process isn't something that is regularly taught or talked about.

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